Percussion drill RPD-160C

SRD-1500H II

Powerful torque and thrust force for rock /hard layer, High-accuracy in vertical excavation with less affect on following works

All-casing rotator machine


Auger (electric motor) can work for drilling /excavation woks on hard ground. Wide range augers are available.


Our original augers are 2 types, single or double shafts. Single shaft auger comes with 150 horse power and can be used for soil improvement as 2-shaft augers.

Original auger


■Road construction machines, Excavator, wheel roader, crawler function option,

Hydraulic excavator

Auger head

Auger attachment, such as screw, anti-vibration fittings for head, for all types of hex joint

Screw, head etc.


Diameter: 2000mm Open size:1850mm Bucket volume:1.6m3 Weight:8.7t

Samjin hammer grab SBH-20SJ

Diameter: 1500mm Open size:1360mm Bucket volume:0.9m3 Weight: 5t

Samjin hammer grab SBH-15S

Silent Piler AZ100

Insert / pull-out for sheet pile or round piles. Piler can move along installed sheet piles. Radio-control operation, Safe and speedy

Piler (sheet piling machine)


Extra-high pressure water cuts hard ground. Combined with vibro hammer or piler, this cutter can work as a supplementary method of piling against hard ground with high N-value.

Water-jet cutter

Electric vibro

Piling machine with vibration (Electric / hydraulic drive) Work effectively with water-jet machine

Electric/ hydraulic vibro hammer

Workable mainly for middle-big diameter / moderate-hard rock excavation works, Used with earth auger, DTH hammer replaces screw to excavate hard rock ground with high-pressured air and rotation,

Down-the-hole-hammer DTH hammer


To push piles into ground by falling ram inside hammer with hydraulic power

Hydraulic hammer

S60.10 + casing D1000

Compact, but powerful drilling rig




Crawler crane from 55t to 150t are available

Crawler crane

Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

New-type crawler crane 1500HLX

Mixing plant


Essencial for soil retaining works or soil improvement, Effective mixing of mortar, ventnite, cement milk, etc, Auto-control of mixing ratio, - Space-/ labor-saving, efficient transportation,

Mixing plant


■For mortar injection For building/civil works, bridge constuction works, to inject cement milk or slurry with stable pumping For stable injection

Grout pump

Plumger pump with small pulsation enables stable injection.

Concrete pump

Simple structure, easy maintenance for tube replacement without any leakage

Squeeze pump



Indispensable for civil engineering and building works, various types are available

Hydraulic excavator

Low fuel consumption, high-efficiency, Good visibility, comfortable operation

Tire (wheel) loader



Portable type, indispensable for any construction works, 3 phase AC generator, diesel engine generator, product range: 25-800kva


Engine-drive welder, indispensable for any construction woks, light, compact design, emergency stop

Engine welder


Dry air and drive power can be supplied, wide range from standard, high-pressure, variable pressure types are available

Engine compressor

Used for cleaning yard, machines with high-pressured water

High-pressure water cleaning machine

Effective lighting with self-supply power by mounted engine, for safe night-time works

Engine lighting machine

Water-proof pump for various usageses

Submerged pump

For stable working platform of truck / crane

Steel plate

Used in combination with a mixing plant, various types and sizes including steel-type, square-, round-, assemble type, 4-40m3 available in square tank

Water tank

Measuring device

■Measurement device Ampere measurement, pressure control measurement device, others

Ampere measuring device

■Measurement device Ampere measurement, pressure control measurement device, others

Measuring equipment

■Measurement device Ampere measurement, pressure control measurement device, others

Measuring equipment for soil improvement

Drainage treat



VOC treatment system (gas/water)

VOC water treatment machine

Biggest class in filtering area/volume

Heavy-duty filter press

Complete style with or separate arrangement from slurry tank, Easy maintenance, Maker: Makino


Speedy precipitation, compact body, stable operation

SAF type

Due to law registration of Dioxin treatment in 1999, many incinerators that didn't meet the requirement of new law were left unused, wainting for demolition works. Those demolition works require cleaning process of chimney or furnace, producing highly-conrtaminated water with dioxin, and cost a lot.

Concentration device for Dioxin-contaminated water

Designed for civil works in urban area, this machine can retrieve sand from mud water effectively.

Sand Master

Chemical tank

Data can be sent to computer directly resulting in paperless procedures. Accumulated flow volume can be shown in calculation fomula with analog values. Or pulse input device is applied since pulse signal from flowmeter is normally used. With the device, contact input becomes feasible, alarm can be recorded. This special display allows you to put comments on screen by touch-pen.

Water monitoring device

Many types are available

Chemical tank

Robust flange, "Total penetration type"

Electro-magnetic flow meter

Direct connection to motor, compact design

Submerged mixer


Square water tank, special tanks are available, too.

Square water tank

Water tank w/ agitator, various types of special tanks are available

Water tank with agitator

Chemical dissolution tank (not for acid / alkali solution)

Chemical dessolution tank

Sand filter / Activated carbon filter for air /sand phases

Filter tower


Other chemicals not in the list are also available