Drainage treat



VOC treatment system (gas/water)

VOC water treatment machine

Biggest class in filtering area/volume

Heavy-duty filter press

Complete style with or separate arrangement from slurry tank, Easy maintenance, Maker: Makino


Speedy precipitation, compact body, stable operation

SAF type

Due to law registration of Dioxin treatment in 1999, many incinerators that didn't meet the requirement of new law were left unused, wainting for demolition works. Those demolition works require cleaning process of chimney or furnace, producing highly-conrtaminated water with dioxin, and cost a lot.

Concentration device for Dioxin-contaminated water

Designed for civil works in urban area, this machine can retrieve sand from mud water effectively.

Sand Master

Chemical tank

Data can be sent to computer directly resulting in paperless procedures. Accumulated flow volume can be shown in calculation fomula with analog values. Or pulse input device is applied since pulse signal from flowmeter is normally used. With the device, contact input becomes feasible, alarm can be recorded. This special display allows you to put comments on screen by touch-pen.

Water monitoring device

Many types are available

Chemical tank

Robust flange, "Total penetration type"

Electro-magnetic flow meter

Direct connection to motor, compact design

Submerged mixer


Square water tank, special tanks are available, too.

Square water tank

Water tank w/ agitator, various types of special tanks are available

Water tank with agitator

Chemical dissolution tank (not for acid / alkali solution)

Chemical dessolution tank

Sand filter / Activated carbon filter for air /sand phases

Filter tower


Other chemicals not in the list are also available