Diameter: 2000mm Open size:1850mm Bucket volume:1.6m3 Weight:8.7t

Samjin hammer grab SBH-20SJ

Diameter: 1500mm Open size:1360mm Bucket volume:0.9m3 Weight: 5t

Samjin hammer grab SBH-15S

Silent Piler AZ100

Insert / pull-out for sheet pile or round piles. Piler can move along installed sheet piles. Radio-control operation, Safe and speedy

Piler (sheet piling machine)


Extra-high pressure water cuts hard ground. Combined with vibro hammer or piler, this cutter can work as a supplementary method of piling against hard ground with high N-value.

Water-jet cutter

Electric vibro

Piling machine with vibration (Electric / hydraulic drive) Work effectively with water-jet machine

Electric/ hydraulic vibro hammer

Workable mainly for middle-big diameter / moderate-hard rock excavation works, Used with earth auger, DTH hammer replaces screw to excavate hard rock ground with high-pressured air and rotation,

Down-the-hole-hammer DTH hammer


To push piles into ground by falling ram inside hammer with hydraulic power

Hydraulic hammer

S60.10 + casing D1000

Compact, but powerful drilling rig