Portable type, indispensable for any construction works, 3 phase AC generator, diesel engine generator, product range: 25-800kva


Engine-drive welder, indispensable for any construction woks, light, compact design, emergency stop

Engine welder


Dry air and drive power can be supplied, wide range from standard, high-pressure, variable pressure types are available

Engine compressor

Used for cleaning yard, machines with high-pressured water

High-pressure water cleaning machine

Effective lighting with self-supply power by mounted engine, for safe night-time works

Engine lighting machine

Water-proof pump for various usageses

Submerged pump

For stable working platform of truck / crane

Steel plate

Used in combination with a mixing plant, various types and sizes including steel-type, square-, round-, assemble type, 4-40m3 available in square tank

Water tank